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Tickets Health Business Week 2021

This year the Health Business Week events will be in Dutch, unless explicitely specified otherwise. However we will (in a few weeks) provide an additional ticket for our international activities.

SHARE members and non-SHARE members

If you are a SHARE member, you can register by clicking on this link. It will automatically forward you to the registration page, where you can log in with your SHARE account.

If you are a non-SHARE member you can also click on this link and fill in the registration. 

Link for tickets:

* By purchasing a ticket, you give us permission to use your personal details for completion of the agreement. This can be used to contact you. Your personal details will be handeled with care.

Confirmation email 

The confirmation email of the purchased tickets will be given on January 15th 2021. Haven’t you received one after this date? Please contact us via [email protected].
In the meantime you can check the confirmation yourself by checking whether or not the money has been subtracted from your bankaccount