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Opening HBW

Dutch Speaking Students Only

Link for the livestream: 

The Health Business Week 2021 will be festively opened on Monday the 22th of February (15h-17h). The opening will take place at a studio at the Erasmus University and can be attended live via a live stream. There is also room to ask questions during this live meeting.  Several interesting speakers will be present, they will connect their own story with this year’s theme: “The New Healthcare Era “. They will enlighten different perspectives like digitization of healthcare, making healthcare more sustainable, and Covid-19.

Chairman of the opening:

  • Jeroen Postma (Ministry of Health, well-being and sports)


  • Bas Koster (Medical Director Philips)
  • Cathy van Beek (Sustainable Health Care)
  • Diederik Gommers (Intensivist)
  • Robbert Brouwer (SyncVR).  

 * Note: When you have an HBW ticket, you do not have to register for the opening, you will receive an email with the link. It is also possible to attend the online opening without an HBW ticket. More information regarding this will follow soon.