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Information international activities

We created a variety of international activities in which your knowledge will be tested, but also enhanced. 

PhD research

In our opinion, the work and career path of PhD candidates is underexposed. During this day we want to change this and therefore we organize a speaker who will enlighten you in an interactive way about their PhD research. The speakers will tell you everything about doing such a research, the facts and fables about doing a PhD research and the career path after such a research. At the end, there will be enough time to ask all your questions about doing a PhD. 

Professor research

Additionally, a professor will give a presentation about a specific topic you are interested in. All the ins and outs regarding the chosen topic will be discussed. At the end, there is time for questions on the topic.  

Workshops AIESEC

Furthermore, there will be two workshops given by AIESEC. These workshops will focus on time management as well as conflict management. During the workshop time management, you will be taught how you can plan your agenda the most efficient way. During the workshop conflict management, you will learn how you can deal with conflicts inside a team in the best way possible. The workshops will contain a theoretical part and a practical part: learn by doing!

During the day, you as a student will be challenged. Please note that these activities will be in English. Join us the 26th of February! The programme will be as following:

–       11.00 PhD research presentation (60 min)

–       13.00 Professor presentation (60 min)

–       14.15 AIESEC workshop 1 Time management (90 min)

–       16.00 AEISEC workshop 2 Conflict management (90 min)