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Every year the Health Business Week has a grand opening at an external location. This year the opening took place at HAL4 aan de Maas. The annual theme of the week “Care and Connect’ was the central connection that day during all the presentations. The theme emphasizes the importance of connection between different actors in the healthcare sector.
Different inspiring speakers: Diana Monissen, Abigail Norville, Joke van Lonkhuijzen and Ernst Kuipers talked about it from their various perspectives. It was a well visited event, a lot of students, companies and invitees were present! They all received a nice goodiebag and after the program there was a network drink with delicious appetizers.
Some of the speakers even joined the network drink, thus all interest students were able to get to know them. It was a really great start of the Health Business Week.

Company Dinner

The Company Dinner took place right after the grand Opening. It was the first opportunity for the students to network with different companies. Students were selected by the companies based on their resume. There was a table change, so the students had the opportunity to speak with more campanies than just one. It was a really nice evening with a three-course dinner with a view over the Maas. The students have learned a lot about the participating companies. It was a great start of the week.

Seminar Organdonation

Most activities during the Health Business Week are provided by the participating companies. But in addition to the opening, the committee every year organizes a theme afternoon /day. This theme afternoon/day is related to the theme of the weeks. Last year our theme was “care and connect “and we linked this theme with the current topic of organ donation. We wanted to discuss the topic broadly in an interesting Seminar. Four speakers have given us new insights with their knowledge. An ethicist, researchers and even someone who altruistically donated his own kidney. The students asked them many questions and there was also a drink afterwards to further discuss the subject.

Speed Interviews

The Health Business Week contains two moments of Speed Interviews. This is a ten minutes during moment to get in touch with a company. During this speed interview, you get the opportunity to have a personal conversation with one or two employers of a company. A few weeks before the Health Business Week you sent your resume to the company where you are interested in. If they select your resume, you will be invited to attend the speed interviews.
Nerves just before the Speed Interview are probably unavoidable, but in the end, it is not that bad. You can ask more specific questions and present yourself in your best way. Perhaps through these ten minutes, you will find your next internship or even a new job! That must be worth the shaking hands!

Workshops / Company Presentations

During the two weeks of our Health Business Week programme, many workshops and presentations of the participating companies take place. During the company presentations, you will get an impression of what the companies do and employees will tell how they experience working there. It gives you the opportunity to see which different types of companies there are in the health care sector and you can also discover what you are most interested in.
When a company really appeals you, it is also possible to participate in a workshop. During a workshop the company will give a small presentation about their main work activities and will then involve you in an dynamic and interesting case, which is representative of something that could really have happened within the company. In this case you can get to know the company even better and discover if it fits your expectations.

Informal Recruitment

Informal recruitment activities are part of the Health Business Week. This event gives the opportunity to the students and companies to network with each other in a different setting. This year’s informal recruitment activity was a game pool at an external location while enjoying drinks and snacks. Students and companies had the opportunity to duel and find out who is best at pool while having a chat about potential future job opportunities. All in all, a fun and useful experience for every participant!

Business Cases

Business cases are somewhat like workshops, however you need to be selected on the basis of your resume and the assignment is usually somewhat more complex. In a small group of about 25 people you will get to learn something about the work activities of the attending company. Generally, the company will first introduce themselves and teach you some background information that is necessary in order to lead the assignment in the right direction. The assignment is commonly divided in smaller subgroups and in the end the findings will be discussed plenary.

All in all, if you were to be selected for a business case you will learn a lot about the company and it’s presented case.

Network Drinks

During the Health Business Week we tried to end almost every days with a network drink for the companies, the students and the committee. The networking drink is the ideal time for students to catch up with each other in an informal way while enjoying a snack and a drink. There is also the possibility to start a conversation with participating companies. In this way the companies get to know the students better and potentially contact details can be exchanged. You never know how well that works out..

Closing Drink

Every year, the Health Business Week ends with a closing drink/party for all students who participated. Over a drink, the past weeks can be discussed. Especially for the committee, this is a great moment to celebrate the success of the HBW. This year it took place in the ‘Huiskantine’ in the center of Rotterdam, but before we went there, the committee, the board and the ambassadors had dinner together and ate a tasty pizza. When we arrived at the location, soon the first students came in. Everyone had a good time, people talked a lot, played games and even danced a bit. At the end of the evening some students moved to a club, what happened there we will of course keep to ourselves. In conclusion, a successful end of the HBW!