How to buy a ticket


From then on it is possible to register for the Health Business Week, which will take place on 6th March – 17th March 2023!

The Health Business Week is the biggest health care related business week. Students get the chance to explore their career opportunities, get inspired, challenge themselves or even find their dream job. More than 40 different companies will be joining this year!

Early bird tickets for SHARE members will be €7,50 and for non-SHARE members €8,50.

Regular tickets for SHARE members will be €10,- and for non-SHARE members €12,50.

If you are a SHARE member, you can register by clicking on this link. It will automatically forward you to the registration page, where you can log in with your SHARE account.

If you are a non-SHARE member you can also click on this link and fill in the registration. 

So, get your ticket now at

Do you have questions about the Health Business Week? Check our website and Instagram @healthbusinessweek2023 or slide in our dm! We also have a stand at Theil Building during the two promotion weeks, don’t hesitate to walk by!

We hope to see you all during the Health Business Week 2023!



The Health Business week is the biggest career event of Faculty Association SHARE

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