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Healthcare debate 03/03

The healthcare debate is an interactive session in which different companies will debate with each other. The demand for healthcare will increase more and more in the coming years, the labor market is tight, the workload is high and healthcare is in danger of becoming unaffordable. Healthcare is about to make a real change of era and the availability of sufficient staff plays a central role in this. This is reflected in all areas of healthcare, availability of staff is the topic of the moment, now, and in the coming years. During the healthcare debate, the company representatives Marcel de Jong of Hello!Planner, Gerwin Holland of Saamborgh and Teun Oosterbaan of The Beagle Armada will discuss this with each other. Rob Boelens will lead the debate. During the debate, there will also be room for students to ask questions and share their views.

Introduction of the host of the debate and the speakers:

Rob Boelens, ABN AMRO medical sector specialist, follows trends and developments in the healthcare market. In addition, Rob is the chairman at several healthcare debates and healthcare conferences and he assists entrepreneurs in healthcare with specific investment issues. Rob believes that more intensive collaboration and real innovation are needed for the healthcare issues of tomorrow.

Marcel de Jong is co-founder of Hello! Planner and one of the founding fathers of contemporary capacity and resource management in Dutch healthcare. Marcel has been intimately involved in the COVID coordination in healthcare as the Chief Plans and Resources at the Landelijk Coördinatiecentrum Patiënten Spreiding (LCPS). Marcel has over 20 years of experience with capacity and resource management in Dutch healthcare.

Gerwin Holland is the founder and director of Saamborgh, a new provider in elderly care with currently 10 locations. Gerwin founded Saamborgh and uses his experience from other sectors to run Saamborgh. Staff shortages are a big problem in healthcare, but also affect other sectors.

Teun Oosterbaan is director and advisor at TBA. On daily basis, he is involved with operational management at institutions in long-term care. Also at the back office of healthcare institutions is the availability of sufficient trained personnel a major challenge.