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As chairman you are responsible for everything that happens within the committee. You keep the overview and anticipate whether you are on schedule. Furthermore, you have the role to stimulate, support and coordinate your committee on a daily basis, monitor their well-being and provide support when necessary. In addition, you have to prepare and chair all the committee meetings.

As a chairman, it is important that you are a decision-maker, got the skills to keep an overview and dare to take the lead. You are able to turn your committee into a strong team that works closely together and bring up everyone’s maximum potential so you can achieve your overall goals.

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Are you a first-class organizer? As a secretary, you are responsible for the ‘’backend’’ of the organization. You ensure that communication with students goes smoothly and you take minutes of the scheduled meetings with your committee. You also help to select ambassadors by taking applications and make schedules for the promotion week(s). In addition, you support the rest of the committee where necessary and take up tasks that you enjoy. Think of organizing the committee weekend and setting up the annual themed day.

This position fits someone who is precise, shows initiative, likes planning and organizing, helps where it is needed, in a proactive manner, and can cooperate effectively. Do you like to make arrangements and organize things? Then this position suits you!

When you still have questions you can send an email to [email protected].


As treasurer, you master all of the committee’s finances. Along with various administrative tasks, your main goal is to keep the costs and revenues in balance. It is important that you can communicate and cooperate effectively with various parties, because resources and money are essential aspects of this position. This means you  tune in with fellow committee members to maintain up to date with the costs and revenues. Moreover, in the meantime you will take joined responsibility, together with the secretary of the committee, to organize the annual themed day!

If you are detail-oriented, a team player, organized, a good listener and therefore, someone who can maintain a precise overview, then this position will definitely suit you!

For questions you can send an email to [email protected]


Marketing Manager

As marketing manager, you have various tasks, but you are mainly responsible for the appearance and the promotion of the Health Business Week. This function will give you the opportunity to be as creative as you want to be. You coordinate all on-campus promotional activities to get students in touch with the Health Business Week. This varies from designing banners and billboards to arranging a full promotion week with different promotion activities such as a LinkedIn photographer or goodie(bag)s. Furthermore, you will work with InDesign and Photoshop. This program helps you to design things like posters, flyers or social media posts. It is also your responsibility to maintain the social media channels and the website with information. And last but not least, you organize the festive opening of the week at an external location with different inspiring speakers.

As marketing manager, it is important that you’re creative can think out of the box, be a go-getter and don’t mind doing lots of different things at the same time. Sometimes it could be quite busy, so you need to maintain focus on the important things. Furthermore, you want to learn new things like working with InDesign, website development and have patience for this learning process.

If you have any further questions you can send an email to [email protected] 


Are you persistent, good at communicating and a team player? Then, the position within the acquisition team of the Health Business Week might be something for you! Together with two other committee members and the general member of the Board you are responsible for managing the participating companies for the Health Business Week 2021. This involves contacting partners of previous year(s), but also the craft of reaching out to novel companies, ones that the business week hasn’t seen yet!

Besides, you arrange, in means of activities, the way in which companies can take part in the Health Business Week. After an arrangement is made and the contract is signed, it is important to maintain close contact and inform the company of any practical information that is relevant for their participation.

If you are interested in expanding your professional network and if you would like to ascertain a variating and qualitative program for the Health Business Week 2021. Then apply now for the position Acquisition!   

For questions you can send an email to [email protected]