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Experiences students

Amsha – Ambassador and Premaster Student

Hi I’m Amsha and currently studying Healthcare Science.
This year I participated the Health Business Week as a student ambassador. As a student ambassador your main goal is to inform students about the activities and the companies of the HBW. This is done in a fun way, together with the HBW crew and other ambassadors you will try to sell tickets for those activities at the HBW stand to students. An other task as a student ambassador is to help set up the HBW stand, this includes chairs, tables, flyers, etc.
During the HBW its key that all activities run smoothly, but joining an awesome crew that wont be a problem.

Being an student ambassador and being part of the Health Business Week organisation was such a fun and informative experience. I gained a lot of knowledge about many different companies in the Healthcare Sector and got to know an amazing crew!

Frédérique – Second Year BMG Student

During my first year as a health sciences student (Gezondheidswetenschappen, BMG) I attended the Health Business Week for the first time. I enjoyed finding out which companies and parts of healthcare seemed interesting to me, even though I just started studying. This first experience was so good that I registered immediately in my second year. The second time I participated, I wanted to get more in touch with even more and different companies. I did, and again I found some new interesting companies. When I graduate, I would definitely approach some of these companies when I’m looking for a job. The Health Business Week is a great way for companies and students to get in touch with each other, whether you’re looking for an internship/job or just to get a first impression of the sector.

Guus – First Year BMG Student

Hi! My name is Guus Janssen and I am a firstyear Health Policy student. When I decided to participate in the Health Business Week, I did not really know what I was signing up to. I had heard some stories about the HBW, but I still wasn’t really sure. After speaking to the Chairman and some other members of the committee, I had a better idea. The first activity that I participated in, was a workshop. This was a very fun and educational workshop. Everybody that was involved, made sure the workshop was interactive. The activity that I found the most impressive, was the Seminar. I hadn’t really thought about the donnation of organs before. However with 3 speakers, all within a different expertise, the subject became very appealing and interesting to me.
During the network drinks, you could speak with different companies. This opportunity was nice to set up a network, at for example your dream job. However it was also good to see and speak to companies that you weren’t interested in before.
I had a very nice and educational experience during my first HBW. It was nice to see that the committee made sure that the week was approachable, for everyone. From the first moment on, everybody made sure you had a great time and more importantly an educational time!

I cannot wait to participate in next year’s HBW!

Mirte – Master Student

As a graduating master student, one of the main things on my mind has been: what do I want to do after this master? During the classes at university, there is barely any focus on what to do after your studies. I came across the Health Business Week and saw that this was a great chance to get into contact with a lot of different companies in a short time. I signed up for a lot of different presentations and workshops and was also invited for an in-house day, business case and a speed interview. Besides the more ‘serious’ activities, there was also plenty of time to talk more informally to people over some drinks and snacks during the “Borrels”. During this week, I gained better inside in what kind of job aspects and companies I find interesting, but also which ones I didn’t. I had the opportunity to practise my job interviews skills and to become more pro-active in approaching people and presenting myself. Overall, it was definitely worth it!