Freshmen weekend

Dear freshmen,

We are very excited tell you about our freshmen weekend. Every year Faculty Association SHARE organizes an awesome freshman weekend where you can meet some of your new fellow students. This weekend is a great way to make new friendships which will last for the rest of your (student)life. It consists of multiple days with fun games, a legendary beercantus and a lot of time to get to know each other, SHARE and a few of Rotterdam’s traditions. The weekend includes dinner, breakfast, accommodation and some activities.

This year, the freshmen activity will take place between the 4th of September and the 6th of September! 

Of course, the coronavirus (and the corresponding regulations) will be closely monitored. Ideally, we will organize the entire weekend. However, if this proves to be impossible, we have a back-up plan. Please see the footnotes for an explanation on this plan. 

The weekend costs €60,-. When signing up for this year’s edition, we will ask you to make a down payment of €30. If the activity will be organized in a different manner which turns out to be cheaper, you will of course receive the overpayment back. 

Long story short… sign up for an all-inclusive activity for a down payment of €30! you can sign up here. Registrations will open on August 1st (08:00)!

We hope to see you all there!

The Short Trip Committee

PS. If we have to decide against the organization of the freshmen weekend in its original form, we will organize a freshmen day. We assure you that regardless of the changed activity, you will have plenty of time to get to know your fellow students and SHARE through different activities. If this day turns out to be cheaper than the original €60, we will of course adjust your payment obligations in accordance.

PPS. We assure you that we will closely monitor and follow all corona related rules and regulations. We will check your health and temperature at the start of the activity and will make sure all participants obey all regulations. Your health is a very high priority of F.A. SHARE. 

PPPS. Please note that by registering for this activity, you agree to a payment obligation. If you are unexpectedly unable to join the activity, the costs can only be reimbursed if a replacement participant can be found. 

It’s only possible to sign up yourself for this event as a SHARE member. Register now.

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