Activities without CV selection


Company Presentation 

During a company presentation you can become acquainted with the daily activities and processes within various interesting companies. Subsequently, companies can explain a subject of their expertise, thus you are able to inform students about practical topics within the business process.


A workshop is ideal if you want to focus on improving your skills and competencies in an interactive way, and you get to know the company as well. Examples are a job application training, LinkedIn training or a personal branding lesson. The details of the workshop will be announced in advance.


Network Drink

The network drink offers students the opportunity to get in contact with the participating companies in an informal way. Take the opportunity to discuss interesting topics in healthcare while enjoying a drink.

Informal Recruitment

Get to know companies differently during the informal recruitment. Accompanied with a fun activity you will be able to have a chat with the attending companies. A unique activity for both the informal recruitment with and without CV selection will be announced at a later date.

The Health Business week is the biggest career event of Faculty Association SHARE

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