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Activities with CV selection


Business Case

During a Business Case you will work together with fellow students on a case presented by interesting companies. This is ideal for companies to find the high potentials they are looking for. Students are challenged to solve a practical case in an analytical way. The company that presents the business case will select the participating students on the basis of CV selection.

Inhouse Day

An Inhouse Day offers the opportunity for students to take an exclusive look at the everyday practice of intersting companies and find out if a company suits you. An inhouse day often takes place at the main location of a company or at a special location. Companies determine the content of the program on location and select the students on basis of CV selection. Think of presentations, business cases, informal drinks and of course a tour of the company. As a student you also get the opportunity to leave a good impression that might lead to a job offer. 

Company Dinner

During the company dinner you get the chance to get to know companies in an informal way. While enjoying some food and a drink, you have the opportunity to talk to each other about the topics discussed at the opening earlier in the day. Companies will choose their table guests based on CV selection.

Speed Interviews

Informal Recruitment

Get to know companies differently during the informal recruitment. Accompanied with a fun activity you will be able to have a chat with the attending companies. A unique activity for both the informal recruitment with and without CV selection will be announced at a later date.