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Company dinner
Participation in the company dinner is a unique way to get to know potential employers in an informal way and/or broaden your view of the future work field. You can choose a company that seems interesting to you to have dinner with. To apply for this dinner, you have to send us an anonymous CV* and based on this, the companies will choose their table companions through anonymous CV selection. Participation in the 3-course company dinner at the opening location, where the opening will also take place, costs 15 euros on top of the ticket you have paid for participation in the other HBW activities. We will inform you in advance whether you have been selected.

Informal recruitment
Have you always wanted to get to know your potential employer during a drink and a fun activity? For example, during a cruise through the port of Rotterdam while enjoying a drink (provided by the HBW)? Then sign up for an informal recruitment.

During this activity, you will be divided into groups and you will rotate between different companies for which you have registered. Some informal recruitments are based on anonymous CV selection* by the companies, but not all. Check this carefully when you register and don’t forget to send us your anonymous CV if you want to participate! With an informal recruitment with CV selection, you will be informed in advance whether you have been selected.

Speed interviews
Do you find it difficult to take the first step to apply or do you want more information about a company in an approachable 1-on-1 way? Then those speed interviews are for you. The speed interviews have an orientation function, but can also be used as a first selection round for the recruitment of trainees or starters. To increase the chance of potential matches, you will be selected by companies based on your anonymous CV*. So don’t forget to send us your anonymous CV if you want to participate! We will inform you in advance whether you have been selected. The duration of a speed interview will be approximately 10 minutes.

Business case
Would you like to get a better idea of ​​what it is like to work for a company in practice? Then register for a business case.

During a business case, you will work with fellow students on a case presented by a company. You are challenged to solve a practical case in an analytical way. In addition, companies are given the opportunity to briefly present their organization to give their potential employees a better picture of the company. The company that presents the business case selects the participating students by CV selection. So don’t forget to anonymize* your CV and send it to us.

Company presentation
Would you like to gather more information about a company? Then attending a company presentation is definitely something for you. During a company presentation, you will get to know the daily business activities and processes of a company. Following the presentation, companies can explain a topic of their expertise, which will provide you with more information about practical topics within the business process. Do you have any questions at the end of the presentation? Then there will be enough room to ask them.

A workshop gives you the opportunity to improve your skills and competences in a dynamic and interactive way. During the workshops, you will work on existing assignments and projects from clients. You will also get to know the company that provides the workshop. Some examples of topics discussed during the workshops are influencing decision-making processes, solving error messages that EHR consultant has to deal with and LinkedIn training. The workshop activities briefly describe what will be covered in the workshop.

Network drink
Do you want to get to know several companies at the same time in an informal way? Then register for one of the network drinks. Take the opportunity to exchange ideas with companies about previously discussed topics or current events. This is a unique way to expand your network. The HBW committee will provide refreshments during these drinks.

Do you have any questions? Send your question to [email protected].

*an anonymized CV = a CV without personal data (name, gender, address, etc.)